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A brief trial brief.

Plants – A comprehensive guide to home gardening. A front cover illustration was required that included the elements of a colour photo, a sepia photo & also line art.

Composed digitaly from original photography and illustration.

I've tried. 

A typeface designed to correspond with the lyrics of a song. The song (Like Spinning Plates- Radiohead) is composed of a number of music samples played backwards. It lends an amorphous quality to the sound which I have tried to capture in the Type treatment.

Designed by hand on paper. Rendered as vector files.

A conceptual piece for a motion graphic providing 
factual evidence of earths consumption inequalities. 
An exercise in gridded type arrangement. Produced 
using After Effects CS5, Illustrator and Cinema 4D.

It was hard to find reasonable plans, but here 
it is,  Kaneda's Bike as featured in 'Akira'. 

Full 3D render in cinema 4D.